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In 2014, the RPT started the year with 20.792 certified professionals in 121 countries. These numbers confirm the hard work performed in the tennis industry in the last 25 years. The RPT was founded in Madrid, Spain in 1989, and it was there where it started its international expansion, which today has three divisions:

titulaciones RPT

Europe & Africa 14.970 72%
America 4.367 21%
Asia & Pacifc 1.455 7%
Total 20.792 100 %

The tennis professionals certified by the RPT are in 121 countries:

Albania Germany Andorra Antigua Netherlands Antilles Saudi Arabia Argelia
Argentina Armenia Aruba Australia Austria Bahamas Bahrein
Barbados Belgium Bermuda Belarus Bolivia Bosnia and Herzegovina Brazil
Bulgaria Cape Verde Cameroon Canada Chile China Cyprus
Colombia Costa Rica Croatia Cuba Denmark Ecuador Egypt
Arab Emirates Scotia Slovakia Slovenia Spain USA Estonia
Ethiopia El Salvador Philippines Finland France Wales Ghana
Gibraltar Greece Guatemala Haiti Holland Honduras Hong Kong
Hungary India Indonesia Islandia Cayman Islands Mauritius Island Seychelles Islands
Virgin Islands Israel Italy Jamaica Japan Kenya Kuwait
Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxemburg Macan Madagascar Malawi Malaysia
Malta Morocco Mexico Monaco Nicaragua Nigeria Northern Ireland
Norway New Zealand Oman Pakistan Palestine Panama Paraguay
Peru Poland Portugal Puerto Rico Qatar United Kingdom Czech Republic
Ireland Dominican Republic Romania Russia Samoa Senegal Serbia
Singapore Syria Sri Lanka South Africa Sweden Switzerland San Marino
Thailand Taiwan Tunisia Turkey Ukraine Uruguay Venezuela
Vietnam Zimbawe

The RPT has done a phenomenal job boosting “Spanish Tennis”, by teaching training courses to more than 5.000 coaches in all the autonomous regions and almost all of the cities in Spain. The contribution to the development of tennis in the country speaks for itself, supporting coaches and academies that have generated all the wonderful players that have received so many international accolades in the last two decades.



03 - 04 April | Singapore

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